SFrame 3.6
SFrame core library documentation
Stefan Ask <> - Manchester
David Berge <> - CERN
Johannes Haller <> - Hamburg
Attila Krasznahorkay <> - NYU/Debrecen


SFrame is a general analysis framework developed for use in HEP analyses. It builds on the idea, that analyses in HEP are usually broken into "cycles". These cycles usually do things like event selection, data thinning, calculation of new data, etc.

SFrame provides a framework for running analysis cycles that read ROOT TTrees as input and write other TTrees and histograms as output.

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Class overview

The main classes defined in the core library are the following:

  • SCycleController : This object is used to control the execution of an analysis cycle.
  • SCycleBase : Base class for the analysis cycles, providing a lot of features. This should be the most useful part of this documentation...
  • SInputData : Class describing a set of input files for the analysis.
  • SLogger : A universal message logging class. This should be used by the users for printing messages in the terminal.


If you're reading this documentation, you probably already know how to obtain the SFrame sources. The commands to check out the code and generate this documentation are (in BASH on lxplus):

> svn co SFrame
> cd SFrame
> doxygen